The thing I love most about photographing people is this:  I hold the camera, but the whole process has less to do with me than it does with you.  You are the subject, after all.  When I look through the viewfinder, it's your world in there, not mine.  Your world is big and special and personal to you, and while I can only hint at its wonders with my camera, hopefully our collaboration turns the brief moments we spend together into an heirloom, something shareable and precious.  

I'm a husband and a father.  I realize the imperative of capturing all the little moments that might otherwise slip quietly by.  Life evolves.  The kids are going to outgrow their clothes and eventually lose the braces on their teeth.  Mom and Dad will smile permanent creases into the corners of their eyes. Every Christmas or birthday or Tuesday will offer up special moments that are potential snapshots, and no day can be re-lived.  We are only who we are for today; tomorrow will shape us anew.  For the sake of memory, we owe it to ourselves to halt time with a photograph.  In the end, this is why I do what I do.    

I love making a record of the human experience.  It is an honor for me to work with clients to create photographs that are special both for the people in them and those viewing them.  If you'd like to get together and hammer out a vision, drop me a line.  Let's collect a few moments of your life and let others into your world a bit.  

All the best,

Michael Kartes

Seattle. Tacoma. Beyond.